Reflective Me Monday


The Distraction of Life

The distractions I endure are many. I cope better some days than others. However, I always try to view every event in my life as a “journey” because, in my opinion, we learn the most when we are on a journey. This allows me to contemplate what went wrong or how I could have handled things differently. But seeing things from a different perspective, I would like to hope that I apply those new lessons to future events. Everything repeats itself over and over again anyways so I get plenty of time to try new tactics and mentally document  where I was successful. The place I contemplate the most is in my office. I have my music there and my art on the computer and paint in the closet. All of my favorite hobbies. I would just leave you with this thought – do you make changes for the better?


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~ Holley Jacobs


Alaska “Glacial” – Denali and the Inside Passage

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~Holley Jacobs