Switzerland- Lausanne Experience Time-Lapse

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~Holley Jacobs


Youre Beautiful Monday

Youre Beautiful Monday

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. This is something that I work on every day. In today’s society, we don’t tell each other enough how beautiful we are; on the inside. I know, for me, many times, I have a hard time accepting this. I have to convince myself of this so much! Having a positive attitude plays an important role to realizing, accepting, and embracing these premise. People think “beautiful” and automatically, our outer appearance is what people associate with beauty. This makes me sad. If we all would contend that “beautiful” is more importantly meant for the inside, there are many people who would realize their true potential while others may slow their lose their snobbery that tends to come along with thinking about “physical beauty”. My hope when I read this positively beautiful picture is that someday, we all will change the perception of what beautiful represents – our inner soul and the way we treat other people. To me, that is the true definition of being beautiful


~ Holley Jacobs